Арт-шоу ресторан Portland. Ремонт и отделка.


ortland, a unique entertainment complex located in the old river station is a city with streets, squares and boulevards, up to 1'000 "residents".

The restaurant's space is divided into sixteen zones, each of which is made in a unique style and has its own unique atmosphere and legend.

Any guest and even a big company here will find a place for the soul.

Perhaps no one has yet realized such an ambitious entertainment project in Rostov-on-Don.

The opening of the restaurant on 5 September 2014


- Children's interactive and educational area,
- The VIP area and increased comfort
- Themed Banquet halls.

Today art-show restaurant Portland can rightly be considered one of the largest entertainment centers of the city and region.

Events autumn 2014.


A brief overview of the interiors

The facade


1st floor


2nd floor


Historical note:
The building of river station, built in 1977 by architects V. Kubasov and Y. Alekseev in the style of "constructivism" is still the main symbol of the facade of the city from the river Don.
Its reconstruction is another major step Federal program has done for the improvement of the waterfront and the surrounding areas.
At the moment this place is absolutely unique both in its format and location.

Design project

The facade


The interior design of the "FRIGATE"


The interior design of the TOWN SQUARE


The interior design of "PIZZERIA"


The design of the "BATHROOM"


Interior design of "The SCENE"


Options for interior design. On the second floor.


The interior design of the "KNIGHTS HALL" I


The interior design of the "KNIGHTS HALL" II


Interior design of "THE HOUSE OF THE ATAMAN"


Interior design "STREETS OF PROVENCE"


Interior design "MASONIC"


Interior design of BATHROOM" I


Interior design of BATHROOM" II


The interior design of "DRACULA"


Interior design “FRANCE”


Interior design of karaoke bar "PAPA JOE"


Repair and finishing of Art-show restaurant Portland.
Rostov-on-don, Beregovaya 10.

Completed Works:

  • Design project of the facade and interior Art-show restaurant Portland
  • 3d visualization
  • Creation of working documents
  • Completion of facility construction and finishing materials
  • Furniture equipment
  • Construction, installation and finishing works/renovations
  • Drywall installation: wall/ceiling
  • Dainting works
  • Flooring
  • Plaster: walls and ceilings
  • Installation of doors
  • Installation of equipment
  • Decoration of premises
  • Installation of electrical and lighting
  • Installation of ventilation and air condition ning equipment
  • Design, furniture manufacture and installation of furniture
  • Exclusive interior elements
  • Installation soundproofing
  • Installation of acoustic systems
  • Installation of projection equipment
  • Design and manufacture of non-standard products and small architectural forms
  • Decorating
  • Project management
  • Supervision